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From: ds elliot
Subject: College Life - Part One College Life
Part One
by ds elliot
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I would appreciate your comments and constructive criticism. Please
contact me at: dselliot28yahoo.comand now Part One of this story…It seems like I have been waiting for this day to arrive my whole life.
Granted I’ve only been alive for seventeen - nearly eighteen years now,
but everything seemed to focus on this day - my first day at college.
I’d been on the Greyhound Preteen Cp bus for the last several hours. My destination
was only two hours away, and it seemed that the closer I got to my
destination the more doubts and insecurities flashed through my brain. I
was nervous and excited - wondering what was ahead of me. There were so
many things to consider… how hard would the classes be? would I be
able to do the work required? would I be able to stand out when compared
to the other students? what would living in a dorm be like? who would
my roommate be? would we get along? would we be friends? what were the
other students going to be like? would I be homesick? would the food at
the cafeteria be any good? would I be able to find my way around campus?The questions seems to come faster the closer we got. All of the
self-confidence I had during my senior year felt like it was
evaporating. I tried to chalk all of the self-doubts up to a lack of
sleep and general nervousness. This bus trip started nearly twenty hours
ago. During that time I had only dozed for a couple of times and only
for very short periods. It seems that everytime I got comfortable we
were stopping to pick up more passengers or allow others to get off at
their destination. To be honest I was too Preteen Cp excited to sleep much anyway.
I had never been this far from home. I had never been to the east
coast. I had never even seen an Ivy League campus. Sure I had seen some
the pictures from the various brochures, but I hadn’t actually seen it -
experienced it. My anticipation was rising the more I thought about what
was ahead.I’m from a small midwest town - hicksville to most people. My father
was the Episcopal Priest at the largest church in the community. I was
the third of eight children. We were no worse off than anyone else in
the community. In many respects we had it better than some. We didn’t
have a lot of money or material things, but we really did have what we
needed. There was always food on the table and a solid roof Preteen Cp over our
heads. My family was loving and caring and very compassionate and
understanding. None of us were compared to any of the others. We were
supported Preteen Cp in our endevours and encouraged to always do our best at
whatever we selected. For me that was school. I was eager to learn and
enjoyed discovering the knowledge books and teachers seems to hold. I
excelled in school. That isn’t to say that I was a geek. I played
sports too, but I excelled where the grades were concerned. Truth be
told, I probably wouldn’t have played sports had I not been drafted to do
so, but when you live in a small town everyone gets drafted to play on a
team regardless of interest or ability. I was on the wrestling team in
the fall and played baseball in the spring. I tried to play basketball
for two years, but there simply were other guys who had the skills I
didn’t. I graduated first in my class - Valedictorian for a graduating
class of 44 students. That was a huge honor to me, but I can see why it
isn’t all that impressive to others. The competition wasn’t huge when it
came to grades. Most of the guys would be going to work on farms in the
area and most of the girls would be marrying and becoming mothers in the
year after high school. Some would go to college in one of the larger
towns, but none were going to an Ivy League school. In fact I was the
first from my small town to have the honor of attending. Even more
important was the scholarship I received that made it all possible. One
of my teachers pushed me to apply for the scholarship. I really didn’t
think it would be possible for me to win, but win I did. It seemed that
the whole town was proud of my accomplishment. My picture was in the
town paper along with a story about me and the competition for the
scholarship. To say I was proud of my accomplishment would be an
understatement. I was on top of the world. It didn’t seem that like
could get any better.For graduation I received new luggage for the trip, more money than I
thought possible - nearly $1000.00, and a new computer with a good
printer. For those gifts I really have the town’s people to thank as
well as many relatives, my teachers, and the church congregation. I
really felt that I was heading off to school in style!The taxi ride from the bus depot to the dorm was the last Preteen Cp leg of the
journey. I had finally arrived. The driver helped me to unload all of
my Preteen Cp belongings. And here I stood on the sidewalk with several suitcases,
some rather large boxes, a suit bag, and me staring in awe at the
building ahead. I carried a load of things into the lobby of the
building then went back to collect more. Four trips later I had all of
my possessions in the lobby of my dorm. Special arrangements had been
made for me to check in Sunday afternoon. I found the Residence Manager
and was given a key to my room. I started the trek to my new home for
the next nine months. The Residence Manager Preteen Cp
took a load of things and
showed me the way to my room on the third floor. I made two more trips
and managed to get it all inside the room.I didn’t know where to begin as I looked over the bags and boxes. I
decided to start with the clothes. Once they were put away I opened the
three large boxes and put the contents away and set up my new computer.
I had finished unpacking in less than three hours. I was pleased with
the arrangement while at the same time wondering if anyone actually
brought enough things to fill all of the storage space. I had only
managed to fill two of the four large drawers under the bed and the
closet was far less than full. I hadn’t even used either of the two
drawers in the closet. At first I thought perhaps it was designed for
either men or women. It seemed that any one of my sisters would have
easily been able to fill all of the space. My last project was making
the bed. It only took a few minutes to accomplish the task. By the time
it was finished I was tired. The excitement had caught up with me. I
decided that what I really needed to do was take a shower and find a
place to eat since the cafeteria wouldn’t actually open until Wednesday
noon.I slept soundly that first night. I didn’t even wake until after 9:00
the next morning, which was very unusual for me. I showered again and
dressed for the day. It was already warm outside so I donned shorts and
a t-shirt and decided to explore the campus. The first thing I did was
locate the buildings where my classes would be held. I then found the
library, the recreation center, and the cafeteria. From there I ventured
off campus a ways to see what surrounded an Ivy League school. While
exploring I stopped at a fast food place for lunch. We didn’t have
places like this back home so it was a treat in some ways, but I really
prefered my mom’s cooking even if it was only a sandwich.Back on campus I spent the afternoon reading after I made a call home to
my family. We didn’t talk long, but in that brief time I came to realize
that I missed all of them very much. I felt lonely when I hung up the
phone.On Tuesday I explored more of the campus and some of the buildings.
That made me feel more comfortable and I suppose more secure. I got back
to my dorm just after 2:00 in the afternoon and was thinking about a nap
when I heard the door knob twist. I looked at the door and watched it
open. My roommate had arrived. He came in all smiles with his family
following behind him. All of them were carrying something. He unloaded
his load on his bed and walked the few feet up to me and introduced
himself. His name was Ryan. After we shook hands he continued with the
introductions - first his mother and sister and finally his father. They
seemed like a very friendly and happy family. Meeting them made me wish
that my own family could have afforded to make the trip with me. I
missed them! I offered to help if there were more things to unload - and
there were. Ryan, his dad, and I made several trips to their huge SUV to
bring up many items in boxes as well as a full array of sporting gear and
equipment. In our room his mother and sister were busy unpacking and
putting things away for Ryan. They spent a few hours unpacking and
sorting through the many clothes and shoes. I think he easily had three
times more clothes and Preteen Cp easily five times as many pairs of shoes. While
his mom and sister worked on the clothes, he and his dad found places for
most of the sporting gear. As they seemed to be running out of space for
everything, I offered the use of the drawers in my closet since I wasn’t
using them. Everyone seemed to appreciate that and the drawers were
quickly filled.By this time it was nearly 5:30 in the evening. Ryan’s family was going
to take him to dinner before they left to return home. I was surprised
that they invited me to join them. I tried to politely refuse since I
was sure they wanted to spend as much time with Ryan as possible before
they left him, but his mom and dad both insisted that I come along. I
told them I would have to change. I took a pair of slacks from the
closet and my dress shoes and put them on the bed. No one made an effort
to leave. I turned to pick up my clothes and head to the communal
bathroom when Ryan told his parents that it would be a good idea Preteen Cp
for them
to head to the car so I could change. I know I blushed, but they quickly
got the point and made their way downstairs. I took off my shoes,
shorts, and shirt and changed into slacks, a dress shirt, black socks,
and black shoes. I checked the mirror and fixed my hair some. Ryan told
me I was pretty enough as he laughed. We headed out the door to join his
family.They picked an Italian restaurant a few miles from campus. I was
impressed with the interior - fancy by my small Preteen Cp
town standards. We all
ordered and seemed to not stop talking the entire time I we were there.
His family had many questions for me: Where was I from? What did my
parents do? What was my major? Did I have good study habits? Did I
play any sports? What were my hobbies? As I answered questions for
them, they told me about themselves and their son. I learned quite a lot
about all of them - more than I would remember. When they dropped us
back at our dorm, I thanked them for a wonderful dinner. I offered my
hand to his mother, but instead of shaking my hand, she hugged me. I got
hugs from his sister and his father too along with good wishes for a
great year.Ryan was appologizing for the hugging as we walked up to our room, but I
told him I thought it was nice and something my family would have done.
Ryan and I continued to talk the rest of the evening. It was late when
we finally turned in for the night. I was thinking about the day before
I drifted off to sleep. I liked Ryan and his family and was very glad
that we were sharing a room. We seemed to be a good fit. He was much
more outgoing than me and smiled at the drop of a hat. He really did
have a great smile - one that lights up his whole face and even causes
his eyes to sparkle. One can almost see a bit of mischief in his angelic
smile.I was accustomed to sharing a bedroom, but Ryan was not. He wasn’t
snobbish or a problem of any kind, but he seemed to feel that I was
company more so than I was an occupant of the same space. At bedtime we
both stripped down to our boxers and Preteen Cp
climbed into our beds. I woke early
as usual. I quietly went down to take a shower and dressed as quietly as
possible so as not to disturb Ryan’s sleep. Once dressed I started to
read some of the material given each of us by the college. I was certain
all of this would be covered during the orientation that started today at
1:00 and continued until Friday just before dinner. Friday evening there
was a freshman mixer. It was a gathering for all of the freshmen.
Attendance wasn’t required, but it sounded like a good way to get some
idea of how many people were new to the university - and maybe meet some
new friends in the process.Ryan finally woke up at 10:30. He seemed disoriented when he first
opened his eyes - looking over his new surroundings. I don’t think he
really saw me sitting in the chair by my desk. He threw back his covers
and rather jumped out of bed. At some point during the night he must
have discarded the boxers he wore to bed because he Preteen Cp was completely naked
when he landed on his feet. I had never seen another erect penis until
this morning. I smiled and greeted him with a cheery ‘Good Morning!’.
Seconds later I heard myself saying. “You must be really excited to see
me this morning.” He cocked his Preteen Cp
head a little to the left and then
instantly realized that he was scratching at his balls and standing naked
in full view.”Ah fuck!” was all that came out of his mouth as he tried to cover
himself with his hand while desperately trying to find something to put
on to hide his morning wood. I just snickered. What else could I do?
After nearly ripping the bed apart he found his boxers from the day
before. He climbed into them getting them on backwards, but he seemed to
be more concerned about his dignity than being correctly dressed. When
he turned to face me his erection was gone. He also noticed his boxers
were on backwards. He was blushing a dark red when he smiled at me and
said,” I’m really not an exhibitionist or anything. That was the most
embarrassing thing that has ever happened Preteen Cp
to me. I’m not use to sleeping
with clothes on or sharing a room so I guess I forgot. I hope you
weren’t offended or anything.”
“Don’t worry about it Ryan. I wake up the same way. I am use to
sharing a room with my younger brother. I wasn’t offended at all. It is
normal and natural. You don’t need to be embarrassed.”Ryan rummaged through his things getting a towel and his shower gear. I
went back to reading. He was gone for what seemed like a long time, but
I guessed that Preteen Cp he took his time in the shower and then shaving. When he
came back into the room he told me that he thought Preteen Cp all of the guys were
in the bathroom at the same time. He had to wait for a shower and then
for a space at the sinks so he could shave and brush his teeth. I told
him that when I got there I had the place to myself. He asked what time
I got up. I told him I was in the shower at Preteen Cp about 7:00.I watched Ryan dressed as we continued chatting. I couldn’t help notice
how similar Preteen Cp we were. He was about 5′10″, only an inch shorter than I.
He probably weighed 10 pounds more than I, but it was all in muscle. His
pecs were bigger and so were his thighs, but not by all that much. I was
guessing that he was close to 180. He did have sixpack abs - something I
had tried to attain but hadn’t managed yet. Neither of us had much if
any body fat. We were in great shape. I’m sure he got that way from all
the sports. I got that way from several years of summer jobs on farms
hauling bales of hay and other things as well as chopping wood a weight
training course that was part of our high school requirements. We were
both blond - he a few shades lighter than I and we both had nice tans.
His eyes were a bright green with flecks of gold. Mine were a smokey
blue that I was told turned to gray when I was unhappy. His hair was a
little longer than mine, but he tended to wear it in a similar style -
sort of spiked and messy at the same time. I guess I haven’t told you
yet, but my name is Jacob. I was called Jacob at school and planned to
keep it that way here too. My immediate family called me Jake. I told
this to Ryan the day before when we introduced ourselves. He immediately
started to call me Jake. I think I would have been offended if it had
been anyone else but him.”Hey Jake… Are you ready to eat?”
“I just waiting for you Ryan. I’m starved! I thought about going off
campus to eat this morning, but I decided to wait for lunch.”We left the dorm and headed to the cafeteria. The line was long to get
in and fed, but we waited our turn. Preteen Cp As we waited more than a few guys
and girls came up to talk with Ryan. He seemed to know several people
from his hometown and school who were also going to school here. He
introduced me to each of them as Jacob. I really did appreciate that and
was sincerely pleased to meet his friends. Some of the guys seemed to be
a bit on the wild side, but I suppose it was because it was their first
time being on their own and were testing the waters and themselves.We sat together through our afternoon orientation session and talked
between ourselves. Several guys he knew sat around Preteen Cp us and were at times
a distraction to Ryan. We ate dinner with some of his high school
buddies. I saw a little different side to Ryan that I hadn’t yet seen.
There was lots of talk about the girls as well as some of the crazy
things they had done in the past. In all it was entertaining and
informative.That night I set the alarm because our morning session started at 9:00.
We both went to the bathroom together. We showered and shaved and
brushed our teeth together. It seemed a little strange to be doing all
of that with someone else, but I was fine with it. I got back to the
room a few minutes before him so I was nearly dressed when he came in.
We stayed together during the day for our sessions as well as our meals.
By the time dinner time arrived there were four guys from Ryans high
school in our room waiting for him to join them for dinner. I was
feeling like a fifth wheel, but Ryan insisted that I go with them. I
did.Friday’s session was only in Preteen Cp the morning. After lunch some of Ryan’s
friends came by the room to get him for a basketball game they were
organizing. With him they had all the guys needed so I declined to tag
along. I spent the afternoon getting all of my text books from the
bookstore. I hadn’t been back for too long when Ryan came in. He was
flushed from the exercise, but he seemed calm and happy. We talked while
he stripped down to head to the showers. He told me that he signed us
both Preteen Cp
up for a conditioning class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
afternoons. I was a little pissed that he would do that, but I didn’t
say anything to him. He told me that he really needed someone to help
him stay motivated for a conditioning class and he thought it would help
keep us both in shape.I had forgotten about the Freshman Social that evening, but Ryan had
not. He seemed anxious to go. I was feeling more than a litle
ambivalent about it, but eventually Ryan’s excitement began to be
contagious. We both dressed for the evening. Ryan looked at me and then
started rummaging through the closet and drawers. He pulled out a light
blue cashmier sweater that he told me to put on instead of the shirt I
had selected. He told me it brought out the blue in my eyes. I thought
it was a nice jesture, but I tried to decline. My biggest fear was that
I would ruin it somehow, but he brushed my concerns aside and waited for
me to change.Ryan was a hit at the social. He seemed to know several people. I
mingled and talked with some of the people I recognized from our dorm as
well as a couple of girls I had met. Some thought Ryan and I were twins
or at least brothers. Ryan came over to where I was talking with a girl
from the dorm next to ours. I had helped her carry some of her things to
her room Tuesday morning. I introduced Ryan. When he spoke I could tell
that he had been drinking. I asked if he had been and he smiled that
mischievious/angelic smile of his and told me that he’d had a few and
offered to get me a drink too. I declined. I didn’t drink or at least
had only had a few beers so far. I had uncles who were drunks. I didn’t
want to take the chance that alcoholism ran in the family. I also didn’t
want to blow this Ivy League opportunity. We had both heard the same
lecture during orientation about underage drinking on campus. We both
knew it happened, but I didn’t want to be the one caught.It was after midnight when I decided that I was ready to go back to the
dorm. I looked around for Ryan just to let him know that I was going
back to our room. When I found him nearly 30 minutes later I could tell
that he was drunk. He was slurring his words and his angelic smile was
now just a dopey grin. I told him I was heading back.”Ryan, are you gonna be okay?”
“I’m just a little buzzed.”
“I think you are drunk.”
“You aren’t pissed at me are you Jake?”
“No Ryan, I’m not pissed. You’re a big boy and I’m sure you can take
care of yourself. I just wanted to let you know that I was leaving so
you didn’t waste time looking for me later when you’re ready to head
“I think I’m ready now. I don’t want to drink anymore.”Ryan and I walked back to our room. Actually I walked while Ryan
staggered and stumbled. I held on to him as we navigated the three
floors of cemet stairs. I had visions of him falling down them and
splitting his head open. I stopped at the bathroom so I could take a
leak. He took one too and it seemed urgent as he fumbled with his fly.
He did rinse his hands, but he didn’t zip back up. In the room I began
to get undressed. While my back was turned I heard a thud. As I turned
I saw Ryan in a heap on the floor with his pants partly down but the rest
of his clothes still on. He had this look on his face that said he just
had no idea how he got on the floor. I couldn’t help but chuckle. I
helped him to sit on his bed. I untied his shoes and took them off. I
removed his socks and pulled his pants the rest of the way off. I took
off his jacket and sweater and t-shirt. By this time he seemed to be
nearly asleep while still sitting up. I guided his head to the pillow
and then covered him up. I went back to getting myself ready for bed. I
heard Ryan say, “Thanks Jake. You’re the best!”I woke up as usual on Preteen Cp
Saturday morning. I showered and went to
breakfast. I snagged a couple of things for Ryan, but he was still dead
to the world when I got back to our room. I wrote a letter home as he
slept. I was about to head back to the cafeteria for lunch when I heard
Ryan moan.”How ya feelin’ buddy?”
“Shit! My head hurts. I feel like shit.”
“Would you like a glass of water - maybe some asprin?
“Yea… I could use a new head too.”I walked to the bathroom and filled the largest glass we had with cold
water. I took it back to him and dug some asprin out of one of my
drawers. Ryan was sitting up now. He looked a bit worse for the
drinking he’d done from the night before, but I knew he’d live. I got
him another glass of water.”Ryan, I’m gonna head to the cafeteria for lunch.”
“What time is it?”
“It’s 12:30.”
“Fuck! Hang on and I’ll go with you.”
“Are you sure you feel up to it? I can always try to snag some things
for you while I’m there. You look like you could use the sleep.”
“What? Are you saying I need more beauty sleep?”I laughed at him. He got up a little unsteady at first, but he got
dressed. We got to the cafeteria just after 1:00. After eating I saw a
noticeable improvement in Ryan. He seemed to perk up. His eyes were no
longer red and puffy. His friends came around later in the afternoon,
but Ryan declined to go with them. I think he was still feeling a little
pain from the previous night. We went to Preteen Cp
dinner then to the bookstore so
he could get his books. He Preteen Cp picked up all of the things he thought he’d
need. He didn’t buy cheap things or used text books. He easily spent
three times what I had spent. When he paid for all of it, he put it all
on his dad’s American Express.We had an early night. Sunday morning I got up while Ryan was still
sleeping. I showered and dressed for church. I missed last week because
of the bus trip so felt I really needed to go today. I Preteen Cp walked to the
Episcopal Church about six blocks from campus. It was a familiar service
and really made me miss my family more than anything else. I was so use
to all of us sitting in the same pew. Here I was all alone. Aside from
the lonliness, I did feel recharged spiritually. My dad’s sermons were
better, but perhaps I was a little prejudiced.When I got back to the room Ryan was up. He asked where I’d been. I
told him church. He said he forgot that I was from a religious family.
His family wasn’t. He asked if I’d already eaten. I told him that I
hadn’t yet so we went to the cafeteria together. We were both
complaining about the food today. Nothing so far was anywhere near as
good as home cooking, but today seemed exceptionally bad.Ryan and I went swimming in the rec center pool. We spent a few hours
there swimming and horsing around. As we rinsed the chlorine off and
prepared to leave Ryan told me that we were going to go out to dinner
tonight. I told him that I really couldn’t afford to go. I explained
that I was on a very strict budget and that I had already spent a bit
more than I had planned so far. He told me that he owed me for taking
care of him Friday night. He said that if I hadn’t made sure he got home
and to bed he’d likely still be wandering around campus or worse. I
laughed at him and again tried to decline, but he was insistant. As we
dressed for dinner Ryan insisted that I wear the light blue sweater
again. I again expressed my concerns about ruining it, but he told me it
looked way better on me than it did on him so it was mine. I told him
that I couldn’t accept it because I suspected it cost far more than I
could ever pay. It was like talking to a wall. When Ryan made up his
mind there seemed to be no way to talk him out of his plan. He was
stubborn in a cute way - not pushy or demanding or whiney. He just
seemed sure of himself.Dinner was wonderful. We went to a steak house. Since I was trying to
order the cheapest item on the menu, Ryan took over and placed both our
orders. We had plenty of food - very good food for a change. When the
bill arrived Ryan put it on his dad’s credit card. I asked if his dad
would be upset.”My dad gave me this card to use. All I have to do is let him know
about how much I’ve charged each month so he can match the charges on the
“Ryan, I’m sure he didn’t intend for you to take me out to eat at his
“If I had a date I would use it so I guess we’ll just consider this a
date. Does that make it better?
“Ryan this is serious.”
“Jake… relax. It Preteen Cp really is okay. Would you feel better if my
parents tell you that? The next time they call I will have them tell you
that they aren’t going to be upset if I spend some money on you.”
“I just feel bad that I can’t return the favor.”
“You don’t have to. You took care of me the other night. I don’t
suppose you noticed that none of my high school friends were around. I
guess that shows you they weren’t too concerned. It is my way of saying
thanks for taking care of me. I would return that favor, but I just know
you will never get drunk so I won’t have the chance.”Classes started Monday. Ryan and Preteen Cp I had our first class of the day
together - an English class. My next class was a history class while
Ryan’s was a math class. I had a break for lunch while Ryan had a two
hour break. My last class of the day was a writing class while Ryan’s
was a geology class. I was back in the room doing some homework when
Ryan arrived. He flopped down Preteen Cp
on his bed for a bit before he opened a
text book. We both worked for a while when Ryan announced that it was
time to head to the conditioning class. I didn’t want to go, but Ryan
seemed excited about the class so I gathered my things. I didn’t have a
sports bag so he threw my things in with his. The class was a good
workout for both of us. We spent most of the period lifting weights.
Since we were in similar shape our instructor had us doing the same
things which were designed to increase our tone. We showered with most
of the guys from the class and dressed in our street clothes. We decided
that it would be smart to have dinner on our way back to the dorm. I
wasn’t hungry yet, but I knew I would be soon.School went on as I expected it would. I worked hard to get the grades
I needed. Ryan worked hard too. He said that my study habits were
wearing off on him. On the weekends Ryan seemed to have a party to
attend or a date. I usually didn’t have much to do on the weekends aside
from things that were free on campus. There were movies and plays as
well as poetry readings and some group functions. They all occupied my
time and I thought helped round out my experiences. I can’t say that I
enjoyed all of the things I did, but at least I experienced them. Ryan
stayed out all night a few times. Preteen Cp I didn’t ask too many questions
because I really didn’t want to hear all of the details. I suspected
that he had either met someone and spent the night with her or was too
drunk to find his way back and passed out somewhere. I did end up
putting Preteen Cp
him to bed twice more during November and December. We still did
lots of things together and he was occasionally successful dragging me
along to a party. I always had a good time, but I just hated to watch
Ryan get drunk. He had such a great personality when sober, but he was a
bit of a sloppy drunk.Finals came and went. I felt that I did well. Ryan wasn’t as sure of
his results. Grades wouldn’t be ready for two more weeks so we were both
in a wait and see mode. My bus back home was leaving on Saturday
morning. Ryan had planned to leave on Friday after his last final, but
decided to get a fresh start on Saturday. I was all packed and ready for
the trip home so all I had to do was wait. I was anxious to see my
family. It seemed like years instead of months. I talked with Ryan
about it as well as his plans over the holiday. When I woke up Saturday
morning I was excited to be leaving. Ryan took one of my bags while I
carried the other. We drove to the bus depot in near silence. Once
there he parked and insisted on carrying my bag in for me. He waited
until I had my ticket and my bags were checked. We said good bye to each
other shaking hands at first then moving to a hug. I felt myself misting
up as we parted. I thought Ryan was in the same condition. A few sniffs
and a swipe of our hands over our eyes we parted.As anxious as I was to get home to my family, I found myself just as
anxious to get back to school. I really missed Ryan. He called my home
the day I arrived just to make sure that I actually made it in one
piece. We talked for nearly an hour not really saying anything. He also
called Christmas day to wish me a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
I told him that I would be back on campus for New Years Eve. He asked if
I had a hot date he didn’t know about. I explained that it was just the
way the bus schedule was for travel from my home to school.Ryan had called my parents after I had boarded the bus for the trip back
to school. He found out what time I was supposed to arrive in town. To
my complete surprise he was waiting for me when Preteen Cp I got off the bus. I was
glad to see him and hugged him tightly.”Ryan, what are you doing here?”
“I came to pick you up Jake.”
“Why? You didn’t have to drive all the way here just to give me a ride
back to campus. I could take a taxi. How did you know when I’d be
“I called your parents to see what bus you were on and when you would
arrive. I didn’t have anything else to do today so here I am… just
think of me as your driver…”
“You have a long drive back home after you drop me off. You are
“I’m not going back home. I’m staying here.”
“Why would you do that? You don’t have to end your vacation for four
more days. That is four more days with your family and friends.”
“I couldn’t leave you here all alone. How fair would that be? Besides
I think I’ve had enough family and friends for a while.”We went to the dorm. We turned off the heat while we were gone so the
room was cold. We quickly turned it on and I began to unpack. While I
unpacked Ryan sat on my bed watching me put things away. He wanted Preteen Cp
know about Christmas. I told him all of the finer points of the day. He
asked what I got. I told him clothes - things like socks and underwear,
a couple of sweaters, a warmer coat. I asked about his. He pretty much
repeated what I had said. I knew that his was likely much more just
because his family could afford to spend much more than my parents
could. I wasn’t at all jealous of him or the money his family had.The last item I unpacked was a gift I bought for Ryan. I tried to make
it the perfect package, but the trip had crushed the box and the bow. I
handed it to him telling him ‘Merry Preteen Cp
Christmas’. He blushed and smiled.
I told him to open it. It was a scarf/muffler. It was a rich forrest
green with gold flecks. When I saw it in the store it immediately
reminded me of Ryan’s eyes. I had to buy it for him. He really seemed
to appreciate it more than I would have expected. He took it out of the
box and wrapped it around his neck. He preened in front of the mirror.
I laughed at him and he continued to smile.
Ryan went to his desk and opened the top drawer. He pulled out a box
that was beautifully wrapped. He gave it to me with the same “Merry
Christmas” wish. I really didn’t expect anything from him and really was
shocked that he would bring me a gift. He kept urging me to open the
box. I did. Inside the box was a beautiful watch. I knew the brand
name and knew they were extremely expensive. My mouth dropped open when
I saw it. I tried to tell Ryan that it was too much, but as usual he
wouldn’t even listen. He took it out of the box and grabbed my arm. He
put the watch on my wrist locking the clasp as he held up my wrist to
admire my gift. He was very pleased with himself - as pleased as I was
really. I couldn’t stop saying “Thank You’.We both got our grades while at home. We were really both very proud of
our standing. I had a 4.0 gpa while Ryan had a 3.7. We both made the
Dean’s List. Preteen Cp It was a first for Ryan. He told me that his parents were
beside themselves when they read his grades. He said they thought he’d
played some sort of prank. He told them it was all me.Classes started again. This time we had a Pshchology class together.
Ryan signed us up for the conditioning class again for the same time
frame as last quarter. The work seemed to be at least as hard if not
even a bit harder. We did manage to have some fun, but it seemed that we
both spent more time at our studies. Ryan got drunk again at a party we
both attended. This time though he was obnoxious and a little mean. He
said a few things that were hurtful, but I chalked it up to the alcohol.
He didn’t try to fight me, but he was acting beligerent. He drove us to
the party. I was thankful that he gave me his keys after he parked and
locked the car. I loaded him into his car and drove him back to the
dorm. Getting him up the stairs was difficult. There were times when
Ryan struggled against me. I finally got him to the room. Ryan had a
few more hurtful things to say as I was trying Preteen Cp to help him get into bed.
He finally shut up. I got his clothes off and tucked him in. I moved a
trash can near his bed just in case he needed it during the Preteen Cp night.The next day when Ryan finally got out of bed at nearly 3:30 he was
remorseful for his behavior. I told him that I understood he was drunk,
but I further told him that some of the things he said were hurtful. He
appologized profusely the rest of the day as he seemed to recall the
events of the night before.It was finals time again. We both studied hard for the tests ahead.
This time we were both finished on Thursday with our last final being
Psychology. Ryan had asked what my plans for the break were. I was
staying on campus since it wasn’t worth the expense to go home for only a
few days. He told me he was thinking about going to his uncle’s cabin on
some lake a couple of hours from town. He asked if I wanted to go
along. I told him that I couldn’t really afford the trip and that he’d
likely have a lot more fun with his friends from high school. I knew the
guys expected to be invited to the cabin. A couple of them had mentioned
it and wondered if he was going there for the break.As I thought about it I was surprised that he hadn’t already asked them
and made all the plans. That wasn’t like Ryan.I looked at Ryan. He seemed down. I asked him how his finals went. He
told me that he thought he did well. He hoped that he did as well as
last quarter. I asked if anything else was wrong. He let out a huge
sign and sunk down to sit on my bed.”I was really hoping that you’d want to go to my uncle’s cabin with me
for the break. I thought it would be nice to have a calm and peaceful
break. If I take the guys with me it will be ten days of drinking and
being drunk. I don’t really feel like doing that. I don’t want to go
alone either.”
“I didn’t think it was a big deal. I thought you’d want to be with your
“I don’t want to be with them. I’ve seen enough of them.”
“I didn’t know you really wanted me to go.”
“Please will you go with me? If you hate it there I promise I will
bring you back whenever you want just please go with me.”I couldn’t believe that he was practically begging me to go along. I
told him that I’d be happy to go with him. I looked at my watch and
realized that I had less than an hour to go to the bank to get some extra
money for food. He told me that I didn’t need to worry about it he had
everything we’d need in the car. I told him I should grab some clothes
and went to the closet for a suitcase. He told me he had taken care of
that as well. He looked at me and told me to grab a book if I wanted
one. I looked at him amazed…”When did you pack my things?”
“Jake don’t worry about it. I got up early this morning and put all of
the things you’d need in a bag.”
“How do you know you packed all the things I would need?”
“I packed the same things for you as I did for me so we’re set.”
“What about groceries?”
“I shopped last night. The other things we need we can pick up at the
market up near the cabin.”We locked up Preteen Cp
the room and left. We had been driving for about an hour
when I just couldn’t help but laugh. He looked at me…”What’s so funny?”
“I can’t believe how easily you manipulated me back at the dorm.”
“I didn’t manipulate you.”
“I was set to stay on campus and now here I am going to a cabin on a
lake. How did you do that?”
“No one can resist my pouting routine. I’ve been practicing and
perfecting that one for years. It works every time!”I laughed even harder. Ryan laughed with me. I think we both laughed
the rest of the way to the cabin. I’d stop laughing for a short time,
but if I looked over at Ryan he would give me the pouting look and I’d
start laughing all over again.Ryan stopped at the market before we stopped at the cabin. He bought a
few hundred dollars of groceries - milk, bread, meats, eggs, cheese, and
more… all things that wouldn’t make the trip in the car. Once at the
cabin we unloaded all of the groceries from the car and into the
kitchen. When everything was put away we went back to get our things
from the car. Ryan had indeed packed for me. He had all of the basics
as well as a new pair of hiking boots. I thought they were his, but he
told me they were for me so that we could go on day hikes in the wooded
hills around the lake. I had learned not to argue or try to refuse.
When Ryan make up his mind to do something, he rolled right along and he
expected those around him to roll along as well.Ryan announced that he was hungry. He looked at me and asked if I Preteen Cp could
cook. I told him that I could a little. He smiled and told me that he’d
fire up the barbeque while I decided what we would eat. I made a salad
and cleaned two corn cobs and wrapped them in foil. I also made a
barbeque sauce from items I found in the kitchen. I took the items to
the grill and started them cooking. I set the picnic table by the
barbeque and brought out milk and salad dressing. Ryan just sat at the
table smiling. The steaks were medium rare and the corn was done. I
loaded our plates and poured milk for both of us. Ryan rubbed his hands
together and started eating. He didn’t stop until all of his food was
gone. He looked at me with that angelic smile and told me it was at
least as good as home. That was very high praise. I got up to clear the
table. Ryan told me to relax.”You cooked so I’ll clean up.”
“I don’t mind clearing the table and doing the dishes. You paid for all
the food. It is the least I can do.”
“I didn’t invite you because I wanted you to be my servant. Ok so I
really do want you to cook. You did good. I don’t want you to pick up
after me too though. We can share the duties.”We watched the sun set before either of us got up to go inside. By the
time the sun had set it became too cool to be outside without a coat.
Ryan built a fire in the fireplace and we sat quietly talking about
school, family, our dreams. When the fire died down we were both
sleepy. The cabin had two bedrooms - a master with a huge king size bed
and the second with two twin beds. We both walked into the room with
twin beds. He told me I could have the master if I wanted it, but I told
him I’d probably get lost in that huge bed. We stripped down to our
boxers and crawled into bed.Our next few days were spent hiking, swimming, taking the boat out. I
woke up earlier than Ryan so would get up and start breakfast. I made
omelettes with home fries the first day. I made Eggs Benedict another
day. I made pancakes another day and French Toast another. Ryan ate
everything I put in front of him and always had a very contented smile
when he finished. We fished the lake one day and Ryan caught a couple of
trout. I cleaned them and cooked them for dinner. Ryan thought that was
great. It was the first time he had ever eaten the fish that he caught
in the lake.On the fifth day Ryan and I were sitting on the deck swing that
overlooked the water. It was hot that day. We were just lounging in the
sun ejoying the warmth. Ryan seemed to be quieter than usual, but I
thought it was probably the relaxing atmosphere here at the cabin. After
lunch Ryan told me that he wanted to talk. We settled in on the swing
again with a huge pitcher of ice tea.”Jake, give me your hand.”
“Just give me your hand.”
I put my hand out and Ryan laced his fingers through mine and rested our
hands on the seat of the swing.
“I have some things on my mind. I want to tell you what they are. I
don’t want you to interrupt me or say anything until I’m all finished.”
“Sure Ryan. Whatever you want.”
“I’m serious Jake. This is important to me and no matter how much you
might want to comment or leave, I want you to hear it all.”I was a bit nervous. I didn’t know where this was coming from or what
he could possibly have to say that would cause me to stop him from
talking or make me want to leave. I was a Preteen Cp little scared as all sorts of
negative thoughts began racing through my mind.”Whatever you need Ryan. Your my closest friend and I’m here for you no
matter what.”
“You’re my best friend too Jake. That is why this is so important to
me. Please just listen to me.”Ryan Preteen Cp was leaning back in the swing as it gently rocked us. His eyes
were closed, and he had that angelic smile. I had been looking at his
face for some clue, but there wasn’t one there. As he started to talk I
leaned back into the swing.”Jake, I really meant what Preteen Cp
I said. You really are my best friend. I
don’t think I’ve ever had a best friend before. We’ve only known each
other since mid September, barely six months, and I can’t believe how
much my world has changed. Because of you I am taking school more
seriously. Preteen Cp
Your ethics have rubbed off on me, and I like that change.
Three of my high school buddies will be asked to leave at the end of the
year because their grades are so poor. I’m pretty sure I’d have been
asked to leave too if I wasn’t living with you. Preteen Cp I also want to thank you
for taking care of me when I’ve been drunk. You’ve made sure I got home
safely and even put me in bed. You’ve brought me water and asprin in the
morning and been considerate enough to keep the room quiet while I slept
it off. I know you’ve taken care of me at least four times. What you
have to understand is that back in high school I was drunk at least one
weekend night and usually both of them. None of my ‘friends’ worried
about where i spent the night or if I drove home in that condition. I
grew up with all those guys. Each time I’ve been drunk I make a Preteen Cp
to myself that I won’t do Preteen Cp it Preteen Cp
again, but I seem to drink again. You’ve
never lectured me or said anything about me or to me when I’ve been
drunk, but I have seen the disappointment in your eyes. I don’t want to
disappoint you so I really do try not to drink but sometimes everything
gets to be too much for me to handle and I guess I search for peace in
the bottle. The thing is, Jake, that I know why I drink until I am
drunk. I hate being drunk and making an ass out of myself. I know why I
do it to myself. I want to tell you why I do it so that maybe it will
help me to stop. I think it might help me because I have slowed down so
much since last year and the only thing that is different is having you
in my life.”Ryan paused. I thought he was finished. I sucked in air like I was
preparing to talk, but Ryan stopped me by saying.”I’m not finished yet so hold your thoughts. I’m in love, Jake. I’m in
love with someone I can’t seem to have. I’ve known this would be the
case for the past couple of years. At first I thought it was a thing I
would grow out of or maybe even learn to live with, but neither has
happened. I am in love with the most gentle, caring, loving, attractive,
intelligent, and trusting person in the whole world. Do you believe in
love at first sight? I didn’t, but I do now. First I thought it was
just lust or an imfatuation, but the feeling of love just grows deeper
and stronger. Have you Preteen Cp
ever loved someone so much that it litterally
hurts inside? I do. Sometimes the pain is so great that it seems to be
eating away at my insides. That is why I drink. It helps to ease that
pain for those few hours when I’m drunk or passed out. It’s a bitch you
know. It’s a bitch to be so completely in love with someone who doesn’t
love you back.”Ryan squeezed my hand tighter. I squeezed his hand back. As I released
the pressure on his hand I realized that he was still squeezing my hand
tightly. He pulled my hand closer to him. He breathed in sharply and
exhaled hard. His next breath was measured.”Jake, I’m in love with you. This is the strangest thing because I
really thought I could take this secret to the grave with me, but that
was before I met you. I’ve known I was gay since I was sixteen, but I’ve
suspected it since I was about twelve. I’ve never met a guy that made me
feel the way that you have. The strangest thing is that you haven’t done
anything other than being your normal self - that kind, gentle, caring,
amazingly handsome, intelligent, loving, and trusting man that you are
for everyone who encounters you. The funny thing is that you don’t
realize how damn attractive you really are - and I’m not just talking
about your physical beauty. You are beautiful on the inside too. I
first realized how attracted to you I was that first time you brought me
home drunk. Do you remember that night? It was the Freshman Mixer. My
friends had a bottle so I had several straight shots. I already knew
that I was attracted to you so I drank. That night though when you
helped me off the floor I had to fight the urge to grab you and pull you
on the bed with me. When you knelt down in front of me and took off my
shoes and socks I thought I would die. As your Preteen Cp
hand touched my ankle I
felt bolts of electricity running up my leg to my brain. I thought I was
short circuiting for a minute. I’d never experienced anything like that
before. I was stunned. If I’d had my wits about me I know I would have
responded by trying to kiss you. So you should be glad that I was drunk
that night. I think sometimes I got drunk just so you’d help take my
clothes off and put me to bed. That really sounds sick and desperate,
and I guess that I am. When you told me that you didn’t want to come up
here for our break I was nearly beside myself. You have no idea how
awful Christmas break was for me. I made it through the first day, but I
couldn’t sleep that night because you weren’t in the room with me. I
moped around the house the next several days. My parents wanted to know
what was wrong with me. They even threatened to make a doctor’s
appointment for me because I was so depressed and sullen. On Christmas
Eve I finally couldn’t take it any more. I broke down and told them
everything. Up to that point I was so afraid to tell anyone that I
thought I might be gay. When I told them I wasn’t thinking about
anything but trying to find a way to releave the ache in my heart from
missing you. After I blurted it all out to my parents I realized what
all I had said. My mom and dad were so supportive and helpful and
loving. I felt so much better just having told them - better because I
no longer had this secret hanging around my neck weighing me down. For
the first time in years I felt like things were going good in my world.
I came back early from that break to be with you and to tell you too, but
I just couldn’t. The fear of being rejected by you scared the hell out
of me. If you had just looked at me like I disappointed you I would have
died inside. I didn’t think you would reject me or call me names or
anything like that. You are far too kind to do something like that. I
know though that I could read your eyes. I was afraid of what I would
find there”Ryan paused again. He was still squeezing my hand tightly. I had tears
running down my cheeks. I wanted to say something, but I couldn’t seem
to get my brain to kick in or catch up. He had told me so much and a
million questions seemed to be filling my brain as I tried desperately to
organize them and prioritize them. Ryan started again.”I don’t expect you to say much. You really don’t have to say anything
at all if you don’t want to. I suppose this probably comes as a total
shock to you. I would understand if you wanted to leave now. I would
also underestand if you wanted me to move out of our room. I did some
checking and I know one of the guys on our floor won’t be coming back
next quarter so I could always stay there for the rest of the year. I
hope I can count on you not to tell anyone else about what I have told
you. I’m not ready to be out to the world so if we could keep this
secret between us I would really appreciate that. I also want to tell
you that I have lied to you. I lied about the dates and the sex. I have
been on dates with girls for the last several years. I have done some
kissing and touching, but never anything more than that. I didn’t want
you to think I was using girls to make myself feel. I’m also sorry I
told you this way. I didn’t want to ruin your break, but I just had to
tell you. I’m finished now.”I was squeezing his hand as tightly as he had been squeezing mine. It
was like I was holding on to him for dear life. I could feel the tears
pouring from my eyes. I opened them but my vision was blurred by the
tears. I closed them again and tried to steady my breathing. When I
felt a little more in control of myself I pulled his hand close to Preteen Cp me.
We were sitting far enough apart that he had to slide over a little as I
brought his hand to my chest. I held his hand over my heart. I could
feel it beating so fast. After a few moments I raised his hand to my
lips and kissed his hand. I could feel that Ryan was looking at me now.
In my mind I could see his head cocked slightly to the right as he tried
to figure out what was happening. It was a trademark Ryan expression -
just like his angelic smile and his pout. After I kissed his hand I held
it to my lips for a short time. When I lowered his hand to my lap I
said.”Ryan I had no idea. I am so glad that you had the courage to tell me.
I honestly know how difficult that was for you to do. The thing is
Ryan… the thing is Ryan, I love you too. I do believe in love at
first sight because that was when I fell for you. I don’t know what I
would do if you left me. I have tired so hard to love you from a
distance so I could have Preteen Cp
you in my life. I never in my wildest dreams
thought that it even remotely possible that you could love me too. It
never occurred to me that you could feel about me the way I feel about
you. I love you so much.”I opened my eyes finally and used my other hand to wipe the tears away.
As I cleared my eyes I could focus in on Ryan. He had the biggest,
sweetest smile on his face. His eyes were bright and sparkling.
Everything seemed to be in slow motion as he moved to sit right next to
me. As he did his lips came closer and were touching mine in a very
timid and tentative manner. That first brush of his lips on mine sent
currents running through my body.He said, “Can you feel it?”
I said, “Yes I can feel it.”I put my other hand on the back of his head Preteen Cp and pulled him in for a full
and complete kiss - the kiss I’d dreammed of sharing with him from that
first afternoon in our room. That kiss was filled with more passion and
love than I ever thought possible. When our kiss broke we were both
panting for air. My lips felt as if they were on fire. As I looked at
Ryan I was aware of only him. I couldn’t feel the sun or see beyond his
face. He was my world, and my heart was overflowing with the feeling
that I was his world too.
We just gazed in each others eyes. There were so many thoughs, so many
emotions, so much love. I’m not at all sure how long we sat there
holding each other, but it Preteen Cp seemed like forever and yet time seemed to be
racing by. Time just didn’t seem to matter.”Jake, of all the possible ways I thought this could end, I never ever
expected this to be the outcome. I feel paralized wtih happiness and
emotion. What do we do next?”
“Lets go inside Ryan. I think it will all happen naturally.”We helped each other to stand - leaning on each other because our legs
felt like rubber. We giggled a little as we made our way across the deck
and into the house. Without speaking we both headed to the master
bedroom with the huge king size bed. At the foot of the bed we started
kissing again. Ryan opened his mouth as I brushed my tongue across his
lips. Our tongues danced and dueled in each others mouths - tasting and
exploring and savoring the sweetness. As we continued kissing I ran my
hands under his t-shirt and thrilled feeling the muscles of his back. I
pushed his shirt up and when we broke our kiss he raised his arms so that
I could pull his shirt off over his head. I guided Ryan towards the bed
and had him sit. I knelt down and romoved his shoes and socks. When I
had them off I looked into Ryan’s eyes. I could see the excitement and
the anticiaption. I reach to his shorts and unfastened the button and
slid the zipper down. I tugged at the waist of his shorts and boxers.
Ryan lifted himself slightly as I pulled what remained of his clothes to
the floor and removed them from his feet.Ryan was a vision. I had seen his erect penis six months prior and it
was exactly as I remembered it. It jerked with each beat of his heart.
I ran my fingers gently from his feet up the sides of his legs to the
inside of his thighs. As it ran my fingers over his inner thighs he
opened them to me to allow me access to all of him. He gasped as my
fingers caressed his full balls. I swirled my fingers over his hairless
sack as I leaned in to kiss his throbbing penis. It was so hard and hot
and smooth. Ryan moaned as I continued to kiss it from the base to the
tip. He pulled my head back and clawed at my shirt as he tore it from my
body. I stood and kicked off my shoes. Ryan’s hands came to the waist
of my shorts. He looked in my eyes as if seeking approval. I could do
nothing but smile. It seemed to happen in slow motion. He unfastened
the clasp and pulled down the zipper. He pulled the shorts open and they
fell to the floor. Ryan then pulled down my boxers and gasped. I looked
at him and his stare was fixed at my crotch. It dawned on me that he
hadn’t seen me before at least not in this state.”Geez Jake, how big is it?”
“I’m not really sure. Why does it matter?”
“It’s huge. I’ve never seen one that large before. It has to be at
least nine inches. The head it huge. It looks like it’s wearing a
fireman’s helmet.”
“I’m sorry. I started to bend down to pull up my shorts.”
“No! I didn’t mean I didn’t want it. It’s perfect - more than I
expected. I was just surprised is all.”I snickered. I came closer to Ryan and pushed him back on the bed. I
put my knees on the edge of the bed between his legs. He scooted back on
the bed and I crawled up between his legs and rested my elbows on the bed
on either side of his chest. I leaned in and kissed him as I rubbed by
penis over his. I couldn’t believe how erotic this scene was to me. I
was leaking huge amounts of precum. Mine combined with Ryan’s was making
his penis and abs so slick. As my penis would glide across his and over
his abs I could feel my balls pulling up and tingling in anticipation. I
had moved from Ryan’s lips to nibble on his earlobe. He Preteen Cp was moaning. I
was getting intense pleasure as I tried to increase the volume of his
moans. I Preteen Cp
soon discovered that kissing and nipping that tender area below
his adam’s apple elicited the loudest moans. After a few minutes of
concentrating on that area he pulled me away gasping for air. I licked
from his neck to the center of his chest and was drawn to his left
nipple. I licked to it and across it then started swirling my tongue
around and over it. He grabbed my head with his hand as he pulled my
mouth down on his nipple while he arched his back forcing his nipple into
my mouth. I sucked on it and nipped it with my teeth. I could feel his
legs tense up as they pressed tightly against me. Soon his whole body
tightened and I felt him cum between us. His hot cum blasted against my
chest. It was so intensely hot and seemed to sear my body wherever it
landed. There were five strong spurts before his body began to relax. I
watched his face during his climax. I had never observed such shear
bliss as his muscles relaxed and his lips broke into his biggest smile
yet. I crushed my body to his as I kissed around his mouth and sucked on
his lower lip. His breathing took forever to return to normal. When it
did he opened his eyes.”Oh God! I’ve never felt anything like that before. I can’t believe
how intense that was. It felt like my balls were going to shoot through
my dick. My whole body is still Preteen Cp tingling. You can’t imagine how amazing
that was. Damn! You really are good. I guess this isn’t your first
“Ryan it was so incredible to watch you cum. I haven’t done this
before. You are the first and only one I have ever really wanted to have
this experience with. I felt like my body and mind were on auto pilot.
Honestly, I was enjoying you moans of pleasure and simply tried to make
you moan more and louder. Your pleasure was my motivation. I do love
you Ryan.”
“I love you too Jake. Now it is my turn to try and make you feel what I
just experienced. I hope I can be even half as good.”
“Just being here with you - being here this way and sharing this
experience is the most exciting experience. I feel like I will explode
if I just think about your body here with me.”Ryan rolled us over on the bed so that he was not on top of me. My
penis felt so hard that it ached for release. I knew if I could just
touch it for a minute it would explode. Ryan kissed at my earlobe and my
neck, but he was quickly kissing down my chest to my stomach and below.
The closer he kissed to my penis the more intense the feeling of
pleasure. I was pushing into the mattress one second then arching my
back or thrusting my hips the next. I had no control over my body. My
body was responding to Ryan’s touch. His lips and tongue felt cool and
soothing as his kissed and licked over my burning skin. As he touched my
penis to move it to lick my navel My hips thrust high into the air. He
pulled back and just looked at my body. I could see lust and longing in
his eyes, but there was also a burning passion behind those feelings. He
stroked my inner thighs and my legs spread open - like he had found the
magic key. He licked my balls and sack. I could hear myself whimpering
and begging for more. I don’t know if any of the things from my mouth
made any sense to Ryan because my brain seemed to be on overload… too
many sensations coming Preteen Cp in to register and catalog. He Preteen Cp ran his finger up
the side of my penis and down the other. It felt even harder as it stood
away from my body. If I concentrated on my penis it felt so hot and
super sensative - like raw, exposed nerves that only the slightest touch
sent sensations flooding my conscious thought. I felt his kiss the base
of my penis. I was aware that Ryan was talking to me - saying something
about my penis, but I couldn’t comprehend with all of the things I was
feeling. There simply wasn’t room in my brain for more. I felt him lick
and kiss from the base to the tip. As he licked over the head of my
penis my body went instantly rigid. I was clawing at the sheets when I
felt the start of my release. That first shot felt like a cannon
blasting. My hips bucked as Preteen Cp that first shot was propelled from my body.
More cum shot from my penis, but I couldn’t tell you how much or how
many. It felt as though my balls were drained as they were squeezed so
tightly against my body. I was gasping for air. It felt like I would
never be able to get enough. It was more intense that running five miles
or more.”Fuck! That was amazing! I can’t believe that I was able to do that to
you. Jake, that was the most incredible thing I have ever witnessed. I
felt like I was experiencing you pleasure right with you. How did it
feel? Was it as intense as it looked?”
“Ryan, yes it was and you are asking too many questions. My brain
hasn’t quite recorded it all yet.”Ryan moved up beside me and rested his head on my chest while he
entwined his legs with mine. We just held each other enjoying the
afterglow of the experience we’d just had. Ryan was rubbing our cum into
my chest, lazily drawing patterns on my body in the remains of our
passion. I stroked his back as I enjoyed the feeling of being more
relaxed and more comfortable than I had ever felt before.After a while Ryan seemed to doze off. I allowed my thoughts to run
freely as I considered how brave he was to tell me that he loved me. It
took more guts than I had. There were so many times when I wanted to
tell him that I loved him, but I was so afraid that he would reject the
emotion and me at the same time. I had had a couple of crushes before,
but I had never want so much to take care of someone as I did Ryan. I
knew I was gay from an early age and I also knew about he stigma attached
to being gay and especially being gay in a small town. I didn’t want all
those negative experiences for myself and I especially didn’t want them
for my family. It was easier to be in the closet and keep my secret. I
was successful at it. I don’t think anyone ever suspected or knew. I
had safely hidden my secret behind my interest in learning. Everyone
knew or seemed to understand that I didn’t have time to date or have a
relationship because I was too busy with school. Everyone knew that I
would be heading for college. Everyone seemed to understand that college
was my goal and more important than anything else. I felt Ryan relaxed
in my arms. His hand was resting across my chest. I was still hard, but
the urgency for release was gone. Ryan was breathing steadily. I knew
he had dozed off. I allowed him to sleep as I let my mind wander.When I’d had enough of my idle thoughts, I rolled Ryan gently to his
back. I moved down between his legs. I really wasn’t sure what I was
doing, but I knew it would all be good - good for both of us. As I let
my eyes travel over my sleeping lover I needed to be part of him - to
have him inside of me in some way. I licked at his penis then drew it
into my mouth. It was soft and tasted like Ryan smelled - a bit musky
and masculine yet somehow sweet. I ran my tongue over and around his
penis more exploring new territory rather than trying to elict a
response. Ryan stirred and as he did his penis began to swell. I
continued to run my tongue over and around his penis as it grew hard in
my mouth. I knew the basics - don’t bite it or drag my teeth on it, but
I really didn’t know any more. I just kept licking and sucking and then
gradually established an up and down rythym. I felt Ryan’s hands in my
hair so I knew he was awake. Knowing that seemed to give me a green
light to continue and do more. I couldn’t get all of him in my mouth,
but I could get most of it. I did want it all, but I would gag when I
tried to take more than my mouth could accomodate. While running my
tongue around the head and bobbing up and down my hand wandered to his
balls. I was gently squeezing and fondling them as I sucked. Ryan
responded with sharp gasps for air Preteen Cp
and deep moans. I allowed my fingers
to wander as I continued to suck. My fingers strayed below his balls and
began working their way towards his hole. It was hot and moist down
there. My fingers were drawn deeper into the divide. As my fingers
grazed the opening his hips bucked. When that happened I was rewarded
with what seemed to be a large amount of precum. It was a salty-sweet
flavor. I continued to run my finger over and around the opening. The
more attention I paid to the opening, the more excited Ryan became. I
continued to run my finger there and would press against the opening. On
one pass with more pressure than before, my finger slipped inside. Ryan
moaned loudly and was gasping for more air. I thought I might have hurt
him, but he wasn’t pushing me away to I continued to slide my finger
inside while I sucked on his penis. When my finger went as far as it
could I slowly pulled it our and slipped it back in. Ryan was bucking
his hips like he was at one moment trying to get more of his penis in his
mouth and the next trying to get more of my finger in his ass. On the
next slide in Ryan’s ass muscles tighted and gripped my finger stopping
the progress. He arched his hips and stated cumming in my mouth. I
stayed on his penis continuing to suck as his orgasm ebbed.I really hadn’t considered the outcome when I started licking and
sucking on his penis. As Ryan shot in my mouth I was surprised at first
and then enthralled to be tasting and sharing his essence. Having never
tasted cum before I had no idea what to expect, but now I knew that it
was thick and creamy and had an enjoyable flavor. I swallowed all that I
could get and before the experience was over I knew that I would always
crave more from him. When Ryan began to relax I could finally remove my
trapped finger. I was a little surprised that it was clean. I removed
Ryan’s penis from my mouth when I discovered that I would get no more
from it at this point. He was smiling contentedly as he settled more
into the bed.”Damn Jake… I knew sex would be good, but I never imagined just how
good. This is better than an hour in an unattended candy store. I can’t
believe that you make me feel so incredibally good. When I think that I
was willing to be content just to be a friend and roommate… well I
must have been crazy. It’s probably good I didn’t have Preteen Cp this knowledge
when we first met or I probably would have tackled you and done you right
in front of my parents.”We both giggled as that vision played out in our minds. I had crawled
on top of Ryan again and kissed him a few times. I felt the need for a
shower despite another painfully ready Preteen Cp
errection. I told Ryan my plan as
I was getting out of bed. I offered him a hand and pulled him into a
sitting position on the side of the bed. As I stood before him he licked
the head of my penis. I took his head in my Preteen Cp hands as he licked all over
my throbbing penis. I wasn’t prepared for the feeling of entering his
mouth. It was so warm and velvety soft. I sigh escaped my lips. That
seemed to motivate Ryan to suck me. He was bobbing up and down on my
penis trying to take more of it each time. He had about half of it in
his mouth when he started to gag and choke a little. I tried to pull him
off, but he gripped my hips and continued to nurse on my penis. I was
enjoying the blissful feelings when he began kneading my ass cheeks with
each of his hands. I was over the edge in seconds. I shot in Ryan’s
mouth before I really knew it was coming. I was holding his head - not
trying to force more of me in his mouth, but to steady myself as my legs
quickly went to rubber after i’d spent my load. Ryan continued to lick
the head, but it was now too sensative so I pulled him off. He stood up
and we shared a kiss. I could taste my cum in his mouth. I flashed back
to a time - likely when I was twelve - when I thought sex and bodily
fluids were gross. I couldn’t help but laugh now knowing that I craved
more sex and certainly more of the fluids. At the same time I just
couldn’t conceive of doing any of this with anyone other than Ryan. I
pulled Ryan to Preteen Cp the shower. It would be our first time showering together
- really together - washing each other. The thought of that was making
me hard again.Thanks for reading my story…
I’ve come to the end of this installment. It went on a little longer
than I expected, but this feels like a logical place to stop. If you
have any comments or constructive criticisms, please contact the author
at: dselliot28yahoo.com.
Thanks for reading my submissions!Peace and Love.ds elliot
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